About Us

 Deyada is a leading online store selling a wide range of unique and fun canvas shoes for women.

At Deyada, we fully understand that as a modern, independent and one-of-a-kind woman, you love it when the clothes and accessories you wear can express your outstanding natural beauty: inside and out. With our extensive range of beautifully-designed canvas shoes, you can finally do just this!

When browsing through the Deyada collection, you will be amazed at our product offering! From feminine floral patterns, bold geometric shapes to colorful and cute animal patterns (such as foxes, dogs, cats, etc), you really are spoiled for choice. We also have something for everyone and a pair of comfortable and stylish canvas shoes to suit all tastes. What’s more, our canvas shoes also make great gifts for that special lady in your life!

The word “Deyada” means announcing to your surroundings your love to the world. With this in mind, our main focus and modus operandi here at Deyada is to provide stunning canvas shoes that can help all our customers express their individuality and love this beautiful world in their own unique way. Our passion is embracing this uniqueness and our (and your!) love for the world through our awesome shoes.

All the canvas shoes you see on the Deyada online store have been manufactured and designed to the strictest standards of workmanship and have been made using only the best quality materials. That being said, because Deyada does not have a “physical” store, we are able to keep overhead costs down and are therefore able to offer you, our most valued customers great prices on great shoes!


With outstanding customer service, incredible shoes, passion, a love for life, professionalism, reliability and integrity being the cornerstone of all we do here at Deyada, our ultimate objective is to bring joy to our customers (and those around them) through our canvas shoes.

 So what are you waiting for? Start browsing our collection HERE.